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A Chance to Keep on Plugging on!

I have great news! After struggling with my laser engraving machine for years, it finally stopped working entirely just before I was able to finish the orders on my list before closing the shop at the end of July... What that means is that I had no choice but to get it fixed, and get it fixed I did, once and for all!

The result is that the laser now works better than ever! A big part of the reason why I needed to step away from this job was the frustration that came from trying to work with a tool that was not functioning properly, so now that the issue has been identified and resolved, it is working super well. I am going to try to leave the shop open and see how it goes as a side-job.

I have made some adjustments to try to improve the way that the shop makes me feel and have also started a full-time job that keeps me on the road a lot. You will notice that my turn around times stated in the listing are longer than they were before, and some adjustments have been made to pricing as well. By making these adjustments, I hope to provide more realistic expectations and reduce the stress and pressure that had become a part of the shop the way it was before.

If all goes well, I can continue to provide my handmade products in a way that is better for everyone involved, including you! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out - I will try my best to get back to you :-)

Thanks again for a great ten years, and here's to the possibility of a few more to come!

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